WordPress Development Skills

We're looking for a WordPress developer to spin up our hosting, install WordPress, configure the settings, and create the entire website.

Website Setup

Match All Design Elements

We want our WordPress designer to implement all branding and design elements to the website so that it’s a great user experience.

Purchase Custom Domains

Download and Install WordPress Plugins

A WordPress developer can help us to purchase a domain name for our new website.

Configure All Theme Settings

We're looking for a WordPress developer to configure all of our WordPress and theme specific settings. We want to have these correct when we start our business.

Create Contact Forms

We want our WordPress developer to download and configure apps from the WordPress app marketplace to increase functionality to our site.

Create All Pages and Input Content

We want our WordPress developer to create all of the pages we need for our website and help to optimize each page for SEO.

We want our WordPress developer to build contact forms so that it’s easy for customers to get in touch. And they can also forward all responses to a certain email.

Optimize Website for Mobile

Choose The Best Theme

We're looking for a WordPress developer to provide us options for our custom WordPress theme based on their experience working with themes for many years.

Everything is going mobile. A WordPress developer from FreeeUp will make sure your website is mobile friendly.

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