Wix Skills

Game Plan To Build Online Store With Wix

We're looking for a Wix eCommerce expert to evaluate our project, create a game plan, and execute the store we want.

Configure Cart And Checkout Process

We're looking for a Wix expert set up our check out process and make sure that payment methods can be accepted easily on desktop and mobile.

Choose Best Design Theme For Our Needs

We're looking for a Wix eCommerce expert research and find the best custom theme based off of our design and feature preferences.

Create Product Categories

We're looking for a Wix expert to create product categories for the goods that we will be selling on our store.

Automate Customer Service Emails

We're looking for a Wix eCommerce expert set up automated emails to send to our customers upon purchases.

Customize Themes For Our Brand

We're looking for a Wix expert who can customize our Wix theme using HTML and CSS to fit our company branding.

Optimize Store For SEO

We're hiring a Wix eCommerce expert to optimize our store for SEO purposes so we gain organic traffic over time.

Integrate Wix Apps

For special add ons, we want our expert browse the Wix App Marketplace and integrate the best ones to upgrade our store.

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