Newegg Marketplace Skills

Newegg Management

We're looking for a Newegg expert to set manage our account and optimize sales over time.

List Products to Sell on Newegg

We are looking for a Newegg listing expert to list any new products that we get to sell on Newegg. Newegg listing expert must have years of experience with the skill set.

Manage Your Newegg Orders

Handle Customer Service Inquiries

We're looking for a Newegg customer service expert to manage our metrics with Newegg, answer all customer emails, and speak with customers about their orders over the phone.

Optimize All Newegg Product Listings

We're looking for a Newegg SEO expert to optimize all of our listings to appear higher in search rankings on the Newegg Marketplace.

We're looking for a Newegg virtual assistant that can process orders as they come in, add tracking information to the order when it is available, and notify us of any issues with orders each day.