Bookkeeping Skills

Keep Quickbooks Updated

We're looking for a bookkeeper to manage our Quickbooks and keep it organized each month so there are no issues when filing taxes at the end of the year.

Organize And Pay Team Members

We're looking for a bookkeeper to handle all payroll related activities. Make sure our team members are paid on time and accurately.

Record Monthly Sales Tax Figures

We're looking for a bookkeeper who can download all appropriate sales reports and filter out the ones we owe sales tax on.

Managing Xero Account

Compile Weekly Financial Updates

Receive weekly and monthly financial updates to see how our business is performing so we can make more intelligent decisions.

Create Financial Reports

At the end of the month, quarter, and year, we require our bookkeeper to create reports for us. So that we can make decisions based on the reports submitted.

Work with Accountant For Year End Taxes

We want our bookkeeper to communicate with our accountant to put together our end of the year taxes.

We're looking for a bookkeeper with Xero knowledge to handle all accounting platform.